Sunday, August 20, 2006


More good news! We've been invited to the Boston Film Festival, and the Student Shorts Film Festival in Toronto.

We'll be in Bean Town from September 8 - 15 and the Canadian fest goes from 19 - 21 October. As with London, I promise to post exact screening times when we have them, so you can be sure to publicise the movie to your friends and relatives!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to see this film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and I was so impressed, it tackles the difficult subject of death, griefing, coming to terms with loss, and understanding why? The brilliant thing was the film's pivitol point where stubtly the fog in your mind (like the muddy water) clears and there is clarity and hope. You realise you have to carry on living, detaching your self from the horror and sadness, not to be forgotten yet embrassing the future with positivity and purpose. The film captured all of this and more in such a short space of time....... brilliant! My friend Claire who also saw the film with me has a sister who is dying of cancer and she said this film really helped her. Thank you Hope a brilliant Writer/ Director of the future to keep an eye on!

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