Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Best Fest In The World?

It gets my vote. Cucalorus rules. It rules-a-lorus.

Yesterday we had the most hysterical high school student screening, PACKED with kids talking to the screen, to each other, and laughing out loud. Introduced by The Superkiiiiids! the fun began early. At 9:30am I met fellow filmmakers Levi, Amy, Kohl and (later) Seth whose films also played. And were brilliant. We went out for breakfast at the Dixie Grill, and I tried grits for the first time (verdict: nice, I think, need to try some more).

Later we went to local bookstore and spent hours pouring over old books stacked up to the ceiling, before watching the sun set over the Cape Fear river (yes! That Cape Fear!). A local policeman told us that there was a big gator called Charlie in the water, so that stopped us finding out the answer to our question - salt or fresh water?

Off to Dance-A-Lorus - opening night celebration at the Thalian Hall - where films were shown and dancers performed in front of them on stage. Truly brilliant I was inspired by one 65 year old performer to take up amateur dance, even if just in front of my own TV.

One of the best things about Cucalorus is a Filmmakers Lounge, where there is not only great company, but free cookies, muffins, salsa and dip and any drink you fancy. What joy.

Last night ended with a party on the riverfront - a Carnivale! The highlight, for me, was the inflatable slide - which I slid down about 25 times. Completely out of breath, it has confirmed this as the best festival in the world for me. Easily pleased, you say? Hardly, I say.


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