Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today was the Directors Brunch at Mr. Redford's Sundance Resort. I had my hair cut specially and have promised many people pictures of me and Sundance. We rode the bus over an hour up there, and the excitement buzzed around the room full of filmmakers, until Geoff Gilmore announced that Bob is filming and couldn't make it. I have to confess I died a little death.

But it was still fun, and we then went to the Columbia Reception, where we hung out with many colleagues and friends. I've included some pictures below.

Jenn went to our Salt Lake City screening today and tells me it was very successful. Apparently the high school truancy rate in the city is at the highest during these 10 days of the year... but that was good news for us - happy viewers and lots of questions for Jenn. I have no doubt she did us proud down there.

Jeremy on Main Street - see the cinema in the background...

Jenn and Shilpa at the Columbia reception

Hope with our roommate and new friend Andy Blubaugh - also a filmmaker at the festival - on the way back from the brunch. Note how nice the hair looks

Ian Olds and Nanobah Becker with brilliant animator Don Hertzfeldt at the Sundance Resort


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