Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Having not seen any movies for two days, today we saw two: PADRE NUESTRO by Chris Zalla and THE POOL by Chris Smith. Both massive accomplishments, and for me, I've now found my favourite film of the festival. Go and see THE POOL - any chance you get.

In the evening we had the Shorts Party - best food yet, and then onto The Pool Party where we were served Indian Rum and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, bringing together the Milwaukee and Goan themes deliciously.

Celebrity sightings were low for me but Jeremy saw Steve Buscemi and Goose from Grease 2. And I've lost him to Vera Farmigia, whose name he can't say now without sighing. Jenn, much to her excitement, saw Harvey Weinstein. I did see Troma's Toxic Avenger, but didn't know who he was, so not so excited.


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