Sunday, November 11, 2007


It's been a wild week here in Wilmington. We had two high school screenings of the movie, and the 'official' screening last night at Jengo's Playhouse. Official business aside, I've seen some great flicks, eaten more grits than you might like to consider, and met some of the coolest and most talented filmmakers out there. I write this with a lump in my throat.

Highlight memories include:
- Snapping crab legs with Amy at the Oyster Bar on Dock
- Watching Kohl eat four bowls of potato soup at the Bellamy Mansion
- Attempting to remember Current TV Kasha's entire surname, but failing
- Seeing Cap'n Dan bent double laughing as the Superkiiiiids performed the Rapping Queens
- Being ordered by the Colonel to throw stones on two, jump on three and snap on four as the sun set behind us on Wrightville beach
- Levi diving face first down the inflatable slide, lego-hair flying
- The Superkiiiiids presenting the Colonel with a birthday cake on his unbirthday
- Jousting with inflatable man-sized beer bottles in Jengo's playground
- Being proposed to in Hawaiian by some guy named Phil
- Locating the spirit JPoop with a ouija board at 4 in the morning
- Laughing so hard my whole body ached, daily
- Beachalorus, Pukalorus, Cakalorus, Withdrawalorus, Potteryalorus, Stickerlorus, Copsalorus, DixieGrillalorus...

Today as Teamalorus finds itself in Arizona, Portland, Greensboro, Springville and Wilmington, I raise my glass to Jesusalorus for bringing us all together - cheers!

This is Captain Serious signing off. xx


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